What you need to know about Hashing: 

The slogan above is appropriate, membership is achieved by showing up and participating in running/walking physical exertion activities on trail surrounding the search for BEER.  We do this once a month and never blow it off for bad weather.  As long as there are hashers and hares there will be  trail as scheduled.

For the time being the beginning hasher needs to find the location and bring a vessel (or plastic cup) to enjoy your beer.   First time hashers (virgins) get a free ride.  After that bring your hash cash of $8.00 to enjoy some beer and snacks before during and after trail.

We will all then circle up and make fun of each other and anyone crazy enough to be joining us  for the first time.

If all of this still sounds fun go to the hashing schedule on the left and see where we are next.

Drinking club, with a running problem & "Whatever happens it's your own f**king fault"

Runners.....  Join the Licking Valley Hash House Harriers in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for great hash running in the Cincitucky area

If you like Running in Cincinnati area & If you  runners are new to hashing,  you are still a virgin and we would love to meet you